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Prostara: Your Aid Against BPH

People say life begins at 40, as this is an age where most people are at the peak of their life - when they have reached their goals and are just coasting along comfortably, when they are neither too young and too immature nor too old and too wise to enjoy life. The fourth decade of life is a milestone that should be celebrated and enjoyed, but it should also be approached with caution - by me at least, especially by those who have family histories of prostate problems. This is one of the thrust of prostate awareness programs initiated by prostate health experts and advocates, one of which is Himex Biotech, maker of Prostara.

What is prostate? Do I have one?

ProstaraUnless you belong to the female species, the answer is yes. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland necessary for the proper sexual functioning of males. The prostate secretes part of the seminal fluid that carries sperm from the testes to the penis. It lies just below the bladder and in front of the rectum, and surrounds the urethral tube, which allows for the passing of urine from the bladder to the penis during urination. Important as it is, most men are not aware that they have this gland, until they begin to experience problems with it.

Prostate Issues

The prostate grows as men age. This growth peaks between the age of 40-50, and can grow as big as a plum. This growth may or may not be malignant, so it is best to get regular medical check-ups especially when you reach 40. Growth of cancerous cells in the prostate leads to prostate cancer, which is considered the second most common form of cancer in American men. But the prostate can grow too, even without cancer calls. This condition is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia. What causes enlarged prostate is yet to be discovered, but it is largely believed to be caused by hormonal imbalance brought about by age. As men advance in age, their estrogen levels rise, overpowering level of testosterone, the hormone responsible for male attributes like aggression and sex drive. This is compounded by the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Males diagnosed with BPH are found to have an abnormal amount of DHT, which is suspected to influence the growth of prostate cells.

Dealing with an Enlarged Prostate

In general, BPH is a harmless condition, especially for males who do not have symptoms. However, the same could not be said for those with severe symptoms which can negatively affect the quality of life. These symptoms include frequent urination (especially at night), painful voiding, urinary incontinence, pelvic pain and urinary urgency. Left unchecked, these symptoms could worsen and lead to complications like urinary tract infections, urine retention and bladder and kidney issues.

Because prescription drugs can cause side effects, they are not advisable for long term use. Surgery is another option, but the procedure is invasive and can lead to ejaculation woes and infertility concerns. It is for these reasons that men turn to prostate supplements like Prostara, a potent blend of all-natural ingredients that address the symptoms of BPH.

Fast-acting and safe for continued use, Prostara is the choice of many men in maintaining the health of their prostate despite their age and condition. Clinically formulated to regulate and maintain hormonal balance and maintain optimal prostate health, Prostara relieves the symptoms of an enlarged prostate and helps sufferers regain control of their urinary functions.

Gain back the quality of your life. Use Prostara now.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Combat Your BPH Symptoms with Prostara

Is urinating suddenly very difficult for you? Do you find yourself getting up several times a night to go to the toilet? Are your trips to the loo filled with dread and anxiety? Chances are, you are suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. We at Himex Labs know what you have to go through and - trust us - we understand. This is why we are offering Prostara, a proactive prostate support formulated to combat the symptoms of BPH.

Your BPH Symptoms Score

If you are in your 40s, then it's time to go to the doctor for some screening, especially if you are starting to experience problems urinating. As part of the exam, your doctor will be checking the severity of your symptoms through the BPH Symptom Score Index. The index is composed of eight questions. The first seven questions refer to your symptoms and are answerable by the following point scale system:

Prostara 0 = Not at all
1 = Less than once in five times that you have urinated
2 = Less than half the time
3 = About half the time
4 = More than half the time
5 = Almost always

The questions are in the score index refer to the following urinary symptoms:

In the Last Month

1. How often did you feel that your bladder was not completely empty even after urinating?
2. How often did you need to urinate less than every two hours?
3. How often did you stop and start while urinating?
4. How often did you have difficulty in postponing urination?
5. How often did you have a weak urinary stream?
6. How often did you have to strain when urinating?
7. How many times did you get up at night to urinate?

This question makes use of this point scale:
0 = None
1 = Once
2 = Twice
3 = Thrice
4 = Four times
5 = Five times or more

The last question refers to the quality of your life due to your urinary symptoms, with the question: If you were to spend the rest of your life with your urinary condition just the way it is now, how would you feel about that?

0 = Delighted
1 = Pleased
2 = Mostly satisfied
4 = Mixed
5 = Unhappy
6 = Terrible

To get your score, your doctor would add the points that correspond to your answer and categorize your symptoms as follows:
Mild - if the symptom score is less than or equal to 7
Moderate - if the symptom score range 8-19
Severe - if the symptom score range is 20-35

This will then be the basis of the treatments and management of symptoms that your doctor would suggest you to take.

Prostara: The Prostate Helper

Are you doubtful about chemical medications for BPH? Then you might want to discuss with your doctor about taking supplements instead. Prostara is an all-natural supplement that is proven not just to fight the symptoms of prostate enlargement but also allow you to take control of your urinary functions and your life again.

Formulated with a clinical blend of minerals, antioxidants and potent herbal extracts, Prostara promises to support normal urinary flow, reduce DHT reduction and promote overall prostate health without the harmful side effects of chemical drugs.

Improve the quality of your life by taking charge of your urinary functions. With Prostara, you can never go wrong.


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

SizeCore Review: Does It work?

SizeCore is an organic and a complete male improvement product. Labeled as each quick working and cumulative in their results, it promises to help all of the issues with your intimate fitness. You can feel outcomes like these:

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  1. More sexual erections.
  2. Good libido strength.
  3. More volume in sperm production.
  4. Harder & heavy erections.
  5. Long stayed premature ejaculation.
  6. Extra effort while having intercourse.
Online business, whilst natural to hyperbole or overstatement, is really less helpful, such as a listing of effective substances with information of exactly how the each one are able to boost your sexual fitness and performing.

Ingredients of SizeCore:

Catuaba from the Amazon Rainy Forest continues to be used for 100s of years as an aphrodisiac by the Topi Indians.

Cistanche Bark from China promotes blood flow, raises strength, so helping deal with early ejaculation.

Epimedium functions as an aphrodisiac along with a procedure for enhancing the circulation of bloodstream from the discharge of nitric oxide.

Ginkgo Biloba develops blood flow and strength all within the entire body.

Maca Root Extract enhances power, strength, and also sexual desire.

Schizandra Berry from China is popular for their good impact on sexual desire.

Ashwagandha Extract from India boosts health and supports sexual and reproductive stability.

Cinnamon is going to be used to induce and improve blood circulation throughout the physique.

Cnidium from China increases sex drive and takes care of impotence by improving the discharge of nitric oxide for far better erections.

Ginseng helps to build erectile performance.

Tongkat Ali improves the amount of free testosterone in the blood vessels. This speeds up strength, vitality, sexual desire, and also sexual functionality.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract improves testosterone level up which fires up each sex drive and overall performance.

Tribulus Terrestris improves testosterone quantity.

Jujube Fruit nourishes the bloodstream and raises strength level.

You need to have 1 SizeCore capsule with the full glass of water. You can set out to observe the outcomes in initial 20-30 minutes. It is suggested for you to go every day to get a long time, more difficult, tighter, heavier erections with time, therefore that you're set while chance knocks .

Advantages of SizeCore

  • Contains more common natural erectile dysfunction remedies.
  • Fully explained Ingredients.
  • It may work for long terms.

Disadvantages of SizeCore

  • Not mention about money-back guarantee.
  • Doesn't contain L-Arginine.
  • Ingredient amounts are not listed.
  • Less positive feedback form consumers.


Long variety of good quality ingredients, it can look like SizeCore can be a good male improvement product, and also we consider it might be worth providing a shot. There are just a few issues. The listing of ingredients is long, yet we don't understand in case the quantities will work well. And few of the substances are actually clinically certified, the supplement by itself bears nothing. Lastly, the loss of satisfaction promise has rarely broken faith. All that to be stated, you can be capable of certain good results with SizeCore.

Vydox Review: Is It The Best Male Enhancement Product?

Some of the more recent male enhancers being promoted is a product called Vydox. In line with the web site, Vydox is "# 1 Male enhancement solutions", that's no longer simplest a large claim, it also no promises the first time we've heard it.
The Orange tablet, because it's known as, has a poor combination of skilled golfers and Vydox. Without a doubt no longer shy about making sure results.
When you're a guy having a look to extend erection frequency, borings, stamina and total sex performance then Vydox guarantees they can assist.

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In this assessment, we're going to look at the entire foods and the way this product is made then permit you to recognize if we feel the same manner as Vydox does. From my research on Vydox. It is among such a lot potency male fortifiers on the market, what we need to realize is - is it worth it?

Vydox Ingredients:


An Amino acid present in meat, rooster, fish and dairy, L-Arginine is an essential amino acid used to make protein in the human frame. Investigation displays that L-Arginine is transformed into Nitric Oxide within the body, Nitric Oxide could also be responsible of dilating blood vessels for enhanced blood flow. On account of the vasodilating properties of L-Arginine, it's extensively studied and used to lend a hand build up the blood float to the genitals to assist stimulate erections.


It is a trademarked version of Piaccording to nigrum, an extract of black pepconsistent with. BioPerine has conducted scientific research to strengthen its claim that BioPerine can assist building up the absorption of sure nutrients.


Derived from a psychoactive plant known as the Pausinystalia yohimbe; Yohimbe is an herbal stimulant and pronounced aphrodisiac containing many alkaloids which were used for hundreds of years to regard male sexual dysfunction. Idea to block receptor web sites concerned with the stress-free of the corpora cavernosa, this ultimately ends up with a larger unencumbered of nitric oxide required for delivering erections.


Frequently referred to as sexy Goat Weed, the Epimedium leaf extract is not unusually present in portions of Southeast Asia, Europe and China. One of the extra commonplace foods in most male gives a boost torment products, Epimedium has been long used as an aphrodisiac and would possibly supply get advantages to people struggling with erectile dysfunction symptoms. Despite the fact that not proven, it's believed that Epimedium lend a hands to increase nitric oxide production and would possibly lend a hand men care for longer erections.

Saw Palmetto Berry:

Extracted from the fruit of a palm, saw Palmetto has been long used for its doable prostate and five-alpha-reductase inhibiting characteristics. Several animal research has been completed which indicate saw Palmetto might inhibit estrogen receptors and may work in steadiness interracial hormone activity. The hormone balancing effect of saw palmetto might work to benefit the thyroid and interracial organs.

Asian red Ginseng:

This type of Ginseng mostly used for libido advantages. At the beginning grown in Korea and China, crimson Ginseng is peeled, steamed or boiled, then dried in the sun to deliver out its beneficial homes. Clinically researched in each animal and human research, purple Ginseng is shown to enhance erections by in all probability expanding nitric oxide manufacturing and blood float in the genital area.

Muira Puama Bark:

Recognized additionally as "efficiency picket", Muira Puama is a small flowering tree native to the Amazon rainforest. The bark of the Muira Puama has been historically used to beef up libido, interracial serve us and sexual energy. A number of research have been done which might enhance the view that Muira Puama can lend a hand benefit erection difficulties and sexual want.

Ginkgo Biloba:

Native to China, the leaf from the large Ginkgo biloba tree has long been used for lots of its healthy get advantages. Over the years there have been numerous research the usage of each animal and human topics. The conclusions of one of the most analysis were that Ginkgo assists to improve and beef upment in reminiscence, center of attention and different mental prerequisites. Moreover, as a result of Ginkgo is assumed to increase blood glide to mind and extremities, it's believed to not only help libido function through making improvements in mood and potential effects on need, arousal and orgasm, but might paintings to help beef up increases blood float to the genitals.


Extracted from the shrub (Turnera diffusa, Turnera aphrodisiaca) historically native for us, important the USA and Mexico, Damiana is thought to act as an aphrodisiac. Long used by the Mayans and Aztecs, Damiana is mentioned to lend a hand building up sex desire, in keeping with sapience and circulate to genital house in addition to assist maintain healthy sin keeping with counts. To date, no conclusive human research has been finished. On the other hand, there are animal studies appearing a connection among Damiana and the various sexual receive advantages recommended via customers.

Dosage of Product:

Unfortunately, the Vydox web site does not reveal that what dosages of any component are included within their product. After an exhaustive search we could best come up with dosage amounts for part of the foods.

Advantages of Product

  • Vydox has integrated L-Arginine and a number of other excellent foods
  • They have focal pointed their product and used simplest explicit ingredients with a historical past of effectiveness
  • Vydox has included BioPerine to lend a hand with absorption.

Disadvantages of Product

  • They don't reveal dosages or general milligram quantities on site
  • Very potency in comparison to other merchandise with related meals
  • Website online malestions Vydox can lend a hand with micro penis and other size issues
  • Vydox uses Yohimbe in product

Can I Recommend Vydox For You?

It includes substances which are usually present in different male enhancement products in the shown to be important active in treating sexual deserve. But Vydox also accommodates Damiana, which is used in synthetic hashish and has been banned in the UK and the state of Louisiana. The product comes with a 60 day guarantee, but the makers warn that it is probably not important active for 90 days. Vydox could also be more costly for a male enhancement supplement.

Friday, 7 June 2013

3-AD Reviews – Is It Works Effectively?

3-AD Product Detail:
3-AD from Anabolic Xtreme is the latest in pro-hormone growth technology. It has been developed to increase in muscle building hormone in the body. 3-AD will make you a sharper, faster, and stronger athlete. 3-AD is designed to fast construct authoritative gains in bare mass, strength and muscle hardness. Synergistic ingredients have been contained to amplify the anabolic building process by push balance and endurance to the mind while elevating physiological and cognitive functioning. The goal is simple; help you accomplish superior athletic performance.

Does It Work?
The powers of 3-AD lies in its ability to convert to Stanolone, effectively enter the bloodstream, and open powerful androgen receptors to make your muscles grow. Anytime you recommend an outside source of hormones to your body, your body will respond by reducing its natural output of those hormones in an effort to save energy. This constitutes testosterone and substances that convert to it. Furthermore, when you finish a cycle, your natural creation of testosterone is reduces; estrogen levels are typically elevated. This not the ideal environment to retain your gains! Enter Post Cycle Therapy. The purpose of any PCT is to restore normal hormonal balance to your body, particularly to testosterone.

Amount per Serving:
3-AD Alpha-Trophic Complex 
2-Androstenol Acetate Ester, androsteroneAnabolic Xtreme  3-AD Performance Optimization Tri-matrix Picamilon, Propionyl L-Carnitine, 11-Alpha (11alpha, 2OR-Hydroxyecdysterone (20%))

Other ingredients:

Other ingredients include Gelatin, rice filler, and flaxseed.

Recommended Dosage:
As a dietary supplement, take two capsules of 3-AD in the morning and another two capsule eight hours later in the afternoon/evening.

3-AD Final Thoughts:
3-AD manufactured by Anabolic Xtreme is used to increase muscle building hormone in helps you accomplish superior athletic performance. But full ingredient list is not provided that make customers doubtful when purchase buy it before checking users reviews about 3-AD.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Super Hard Reviews – Is It Effective Male Enhancement?

Super Hard Overview:
Recently, many of the men all around the world are suffering from severe sexual problems such as penile enlargement, erectile dysfunction and so on. Thus it’s needed to search out several remedies to cure these problems. Several treatment options are available such as exercises, taking pills and use of male enhancement products such as super hard.

Super hard is male enhancement product completely keeps the activity of animal testosterone active substance and expand vessel to promote blood flow and make penis thick and the same time, super hard can stimulate cell regeneration embolden terrorists, enhance the tissue growth and promote the rapid growth of penis function.

Does It Work?
Super Hard retains the biological function of active substances, such as testosterone and many more. These substances directly enter into the corpus cavernosum of membrum to expand the vessels, thus improve blood entering, increase the content of testosterone in human blood quickly, to make erection of membrum thick and hard. Simultaneously, they make the dormant testosterone come to revival; the cells expand further through the activation of growth factor. Enhancing growth and development of the membrum strengthen growth action further, and promoting the length, thickness to make the membrum develop again.

Ingredients Used In Super Hard:
Super hard ingredients include Cynomorium songaricum, ginseng, tortoise plastron, sea horse, Snow deer kidney, yak testis, barbary wolfberry fruit, cornu cervi pantotrichum, cistanche deserticola and other rare animals and plants extract.

Functions Of Super Hard:
1. It improves tiredness, dizziness and tinnitu.
2. Its fit for short and slim penis, middle aged and older men who are weakness, problems of kidney, impotence, premature ejaculation and so on.
3. Used to improve penile size.
4. It quickly arouses sexual desire.

Precautions Taken While Using:
1. Do not take drug excessively for fast effect.
2. It don’t invalidate after drinking.
3. Persons suffering from heart disease and hypertension may take this, but it cannot be taken with western medicine at one time.

Usage and Recommended Dosage:
Take single capsule by mouth 10-20 minutes before sexual activity with warm boiled not take excessive dosage for faster result as it can be harmful for body.

The Bottom Line:
Super hard is male enhancement product used to cure sexual problems such as penile enlargement, erectile dysfunction but it’s not desirable to take excessively for faster effect. Try it only before checking customer’s reviews for your satisfaction.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Testoril – Is It Effective Testosterone Booster?

Testoril Overview:

Recently, many of the men all around the world are suffering from several sexual problems such as low testosterone level, reduced stamina and so on. This problem affects entire sexual life of men and makes them it's important to search out several treatment options to cure these problems. However, several remedies are also available to cure sexual problems that include use of pills, exercises, and use of male enhancement products such as Testoril.

Testoril Product Detail:

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Testoril, a testosterone booster is male enhancement supplement developed by leading health and Nutrition Company called Premium Nutraceuticals. Testoril is all natural dietary supplements taken once daily to regain testosterone levels in is made up of the finest premium herbs, amino acids and nutrients that helps together in a testosterone production.                      

Ingredients Used In Testoril:

Testoril is the powerful testosterone boosters today with are the key ingredients like Vitamin B6 and Testofen. Supplement also contains extract of Trigonella Foenum Graecum and minerals that are known to be useful in boosting libido for men.

Benefits of  Testoril:

1. Contains all natural ingredients.
2. Positive user's reviews are provided.
3. Money back guarantee is provided.
4. Ingredients are clinically studied.

Drawbacks of  Testoril:

1. It's a quite expensive product.
2. Not available in many stores.

Testoril - Final Thoughts:

Testoril is male enhancement product effective in improving testosterone contain all natural ingredients that makes it safe product. But full information about ingredients are not provided so users can't find is this product is effective or buy Testoril only before checking the reviews of users.